Six Sigma Yellow Belt Yellow Belt possess basic  knowledge regarding the tools and methodologies of Six Sigma.They do not lead the projects on their own unlike Green Belt and Black Belt. They may be referred to as Green Belts depending from business to business. They support the Six Sigma  projects by developing the process maps.

Yellow Belt possess the in depth knowledge and thus act as the subject matter expert on the projects and forming the core team members. Yellow belt are responsible for integrating the  lean and six sigma methodologies in order to achieve the high level production and transactional systems leading to customer satisfaction. They usuall y carry out the smaller process improvement projects by following the PDCA methodology which helps them to identify the processes that could benefit.

Certification of Yellow Belt provides the thorough understanding of the processes and thus enables each individual to provide meaningful assistance for the achievement of the organizations overall objectives.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean six sigma certification provides the professionals with the process improvement methodologies of Six Sigma and practices of  Lean tools. Lean certification equipped the professionals in achieving the skills required to contribute to process improvement projects.

Typically a lean Six Sigma Certification focuses on the following

(1)   Focusing on enterprise resource management and improvement.

(2)   In depth understanding of integrated Lean Six Sigma business process management methodology for process improvement.

(3)   Using  advanced statistical tools and software to analyze the data

(4)   Mapping and modeling the organization processes for practical analysis including value streams and process flows.

(5)   Learns to  identify the potential areas, deciding on the improvements, meeting the customer expectation and the business goals.

(6)   Identifying and eliminating the non value added activities related to process design and product flow.

(7)   To ensure the improvements are sustained, emphasis is given on  chasing the variations and waste out of the system.

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