Six Sigma Projects

What is Six Sigma Project

Strategic planning of the projects plays a major role in the success of the company. In order to fulfill the requirements of the clients, company assigned the work called as projects  to its professionals.  Effective communication, proper planning and execution of strategy into actions are imperative for the successful implementation of the project.

Six sigma focuses on one project at a time.  To have a project-specific vision right from the very beginning of a Six Sigma initiative is not always possible however one can develop a comprehensive viewpoint which encompasses everything and helps to reach out beyond the scope of the project.

The effectiveness of the properly selecting and defining business issues is proven by the success stories of companies who have saved billions of dollars.  For the effective solution the  properly selected and defined business issues can be assigned to Green Belts and Black Belts.  Six sigma projects provides the ideal way for the accomplishment of company’s strategic goals.

The evaluation and formalization of the issues is being done with the help of project charters.  It allow the professionals to prioritize for the implementation of Six Sigma projects. In following the Six Sigma methodology  through the define steps of DMAIC, this is the first step being developed. The success of a project relies heavily on the project charters. It specify the necessary resources and boundaries leading to success.

Project Selection

A Six Sigma Project should have easily identifiable process inputs and outputs. Care has to taken while selecting the Six Sigma projects and it should not rely on predetermined solution as a remedy for the issues. The benefits and drawbacks of the project should be considered before selecting the project.

Apart from the monetary aspect, approach should involve the understanding the variation in process inputs, controlling them, and eliminating the defects. Effective implementation of a Six Sigma project involves sub-dividing  the project deployment in two or three phases which can be strategic, tactical and operational.

Project Selection Ideas

Six Sigma follows the project selection ideas as per the function. Some of the ideas of  project selections based on the functional areas are as follows:

(1)   Finance/ Accounting six sigma project ideas

(2)   Human Resources six sigma project ideas

(3)   Sales six sigma project ideas

(4)   Shipping or Receiving six sigma project ideas

(5)   Information Technology

(6)   Product or Service Design six sigma project ideas

(7)   Call Center six sigma project ideas

Deployment Strategy

After the identification of the project, the project deployment strategy should be contemplated keeping in mind the background of both the top and bottom line developments. Before beginning the implementation, the projected outcome should be compared as against the set management goals.

The strategic steps involved in all phases should scrutinize using the checklist in place. Executing a draft strategy and taking the collective opinion for the foundation of the project is imperative in the moving ahead in correct direction.

In cases where the project deviates from its track and if it remains undetected, then it can pose a big threat to the entire project. To prevent these occurrences, the internal and external Six Sigma auditing team should ensure that there is regular midway auditing and monitoring.

Problem and its possible causes needs to be identified at the earliest. Regular Monitoring is imperative to avoid progress in undesirable directions.

The framework for effective communication for the “belts” should be established.  To effectively implement the strategies of deployment team, a core group should be created. Consistent  training needs to be provided to the  Six Sigma team members.

Survey  of the internal customers need to be carried out and findings should be studied.  All projects should involve the focus on eliminating the defects, identifying the variation in process inputs and taking effective measures in controlling them.

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