Six Sigma Training : Organizational Architecture

There are several levels of professional Six Sigma employees.  Based on the rank of the professionals in the organizations, they undertake different levels of training and apply themselves based on their role in implementation of Six Sigma in organization.

The Organizational Architecture of Six Sigma Training is as follows

(1)   Sponsor : They form the part of higher management eg Senior level executive who is in charge of driving the success of the project. They select the projects and are members of the leadership team.

(2)   Leader : They are responsible for the successful implementation pf the project in the organization. Quality Managers identifies the requirements of customer and bring about the improvement in the effectiveness of organization while implementing the project.

(3)   Champion : They are middle or senior level executive responsible for the provision of the resources required for the project and facilitating the resolution of cross functional issues.

(4)   Master Black Belt  : They are the experts in the implementing Six Sigma tools and techniques and have completed large number of Six Sigma projects completely. They train and mentor the Black Belts  in addition to assist the Six Sigma leader and  Champion in monitoring the projects. They work closely with process owners so that plans are implemented effectively .

(5)   Black Belt : Black Belts are the ones who govern the implementation of Six Sigma improvement projects in any organization. They are the lifeline of the Six Sigma and completely devoted to the project success. They carried out the planning of the projects and ensures that it is completed successfully. They also coach and guide green belts.

(6)   Green Belt: They are professionals who take care of the projects at their functional level. They are trained in Six Sigma tools and techniques. They take smaller projects and work under the guidance of the black belts.

(7)   Process Owner : They carry out the specific processes and work along with the Black Belts in implementation of the project. Black Belt ensure that process requirements are met and changes are made for improvement by involving them.

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