Six Sigma Training In Uk

Six sigma training in UK

Training In UkThe curriculum of six sigma training in UK is lined with the “American society for quality” which is endorsed by the “European organization for quality”. In UK, the training is done through the direct entry of all programs except in the case of master black belt training program. In the case of master black belt training, six sigma black belt training with a reputed training provider is a prerequisite.

The training includes, “case study exercises and work based projects” for the purpose of ‘learn-through-doing’. The regular public six sigma training courses which lead to six sigma certification in UK are:

1)  ‘Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt’ Certification

‘Lean Six Sigma Green Belt’ Certification

‘Lean Six Sigma Black Belt’ Certification

2) ‘Master Black Belt’ Certification

‘Lean Six Sigma Train-the-Trainer’ Course

‘Lean Six Sigma Champion’ Training Course

‘Introduction to Lean Six Sigma’ Training Course

3) ‘Design for Six Sigma ( DfSS )’ Training Course

‘Design for Lean Six Sigma ( DfLSS )’ Training Course

‘Design of Experiments ( DoE )’ Training Course

In UK, for the best result of customer and the organizational services, the authorities give importance and training to the professionals in six sigma training, lean manufacturing training and total productive maintenance (TPM) training and consulting.

Six Sigma Training:

The use of six sigma training is to facilitate the development of lean six sigma service through the training given to six sigma black belt and six sigma green belt levels. In UK lean six sigma training is considered as the fundamentals for the presentation of quality service and products. They look for short lead time, low cost, and high quality of the product and so to make sure a better customer service. The methodology they follow is as same as in India. DMAIC methodology is been followed- “Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control” with the aim of eliminating process defects and process variation. UK organizations looks for a better yields or place in the increasingly competitive global market. In UK, the training of lean six sigma is given for the purpose of the speed up process by the elimination of all process waste.

Lean Manufacturing Training and Consulting:

The purpose of lean manufacturing training and consulting is to reduce the cost through lead time and work in progress. Lean UK manufacturing organizations are always in the better position in the increasingly competitive global markets. These lean services are applicable in the sectors like automotive, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, engineering, printing, food and FMCG

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM):

The aim of total productive maintenance is to prevent and control the manufacturing equipment from the losses of breakdowns, set-ups, adjustments, reduces speed, scrap and rework. This is significant for the maintenance of the cost reductions in UK organizations. This is why UK organizations always stay at the top position in the increasingly competitive global markets.

There are UK based training programs for six sigma training for the area like:

Six Sigma Training In Uk“Six sigma champion training and certification

Black belt training and certification

Green belt training and certification”

The training providers are also trained on the basis of UK based six sigma training. Six sigma training in UK is given not only for the improvement and development of statistical techniques, but also it focus on the improvement of the people skills like building motivation in themselves rather than depending on the authorities, optimizing the total system and developing a strong feeling of continual learning and improvement.

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