Six Sigma Belts

What is a BELT?

Six Sigma BeltsAccording to six sigma the word belt refers to the level or the position, of a person in an organization at the time of performing a work or at the time of implementation of a project. Several personalities take part at the time of the implementation of a work, so as to meet and make sure that the project is launched with zero defects and is able to meet the customer satisfaction. Hence results in sustaining the quality and profit of the company or the organization.

In every company there are business leaders who lead the six sigma methodology at the time of sponsoring projects. These business leaders are known as the “Champions”. It is their responsibility to select the projects and then to find out the goals obtained out of the project. For the attainment of these goals, the champions select and mentor six sigma project leaders, who is know as the “Belt”.

There are 3 major levels of belts. Along with the training, these participants are also provided with certifications also. The six sigma certification differs from other types of certification. As in the other type of certifications, six sigma certification do not qualify a persons different capability, instead it gives importance to the specific ability which is needed for the defect free production of the company. The 3 major levels of belts and its certifications are:

Six Sigma Belts

Green belt certification

Black belt certification

Master black belt certification

CSSGB- Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Here the six sigma green belt operators are given training to operate in the support or under the supervision of a six sigma black belt. Through this certification the person is trained to analyze and solve quality problems. This results in the quality improvement projects. The person, who had undergone the six sigma green belt certification, has at least three years of work experience in demonstrating the knowledge of six sigma tools and processes.

CSSBB- Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The candidate who had undergone six sigma black belt certification is a professional who is capable in the explanation of six sigma philosophies and the principles. His knowledge also includes the supporting systems and the tools. This certification also deals with the training of the candidate in developing the demonstrating of the team leadership, understanding team dynamics and assigning team member roles and responsibilities. A six sigma black belt will be well versed will all the aspects of the DMAIC model in accordance with the six sigma principles. These professionals have basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts. They are capable in identifying non-value added elements and activities. They are also capable in the use of specific tools

Master Black Belt Certification

The professionals who had undergone the master black belt certification are considered as a six sigma quality experts and they are responsible for the strategic implementations within an organization. The training is given for the improvement of the responsibilities of a master black belt, which includes training and mentoring of black belts and the green belts. Moreover the responsibilities or the duties of a master black belt extend to the range of helping the both belts in prioritizing, selecting and charting high impact projects.

Maintaining the integrity of the six sigma measurements, improvements and developing, revising six sigma training materials, qualifying or teaching the other six sigma facilitators about the methodologies, tools and applications in all functional areas of a company are some of the other responsibilities of a person who has completed master black belt certification.

Apart from the above certification there are yellow belt certification and lean belt certification

Yellow Belt Certification

Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification provides with the attendees an overall insight to the use age of the six sigma techniques. The training is also given in the field of six sigma metrics and the basic improvement methodologies. It is essential for six sigma yellow belt to learn how to integrate lean and six sigma methodologies to get the high level production and transactional systems. This is to meet the customer’s expectations and the objectives of the organization from the bottom, to its best. The certification helps the trainees to receive an idea about the introduction to the process management and the basic tools of six sigma. Strong understanding of the processes, enabling each individual to provide meaningful assistance is the other characteristics of the six sigma yellow belt certification. The aim of this certification is the achievement of the organizations overall objectives.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma BeltsLean six sigma certification provides the professionals with both techniques of service and manufacturing in industries. Along with this lean certification makes an individual attain the following requirements:

– Focusing how to move fast in order to accomplish the objectives with in the industry.

– Involves in business enterprise, identifies and eliminates the activities which do not provide values to the product or to the service given to the customer.

– Awareness of the lean and six sigma methodology help the business enterprise in attaining a stable improvement.

– The improvement will start from the bottom level and will be having a fast accomplishment

– Identifying the potential areas, deciding the improvements, meeting the customer expectation and the business results are other fields in which the trainees concentrate.

– Emphasis is given in chasing the variations and waste out of the system, so as to make sure that the improvements are sustained.

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