Six Sigma Calculation And Calculators

Six Sigma Calculator: sigma metrics comprises of the different types of measurements that are applied in six sigma methodology. Getting the right measurement through the use of Six Sigma Metrics requires the application of these metrics in the right context. Innovative ways are needed to resolve the customer’s issues and improve the quality of the products.

Certain steps are necessary to be followed in correct sequence so that Six Sigma measures are calculated without any defects. Six Sigma calculator is the tool that is applied for the measurement of the quality in Six Sigma Metrics.

Six Sigma Metrics used for the calculation of Sigma Level are as follows:

Defects Per Million Opportunity (DPMO):  The calculation of the Sigma level is done on the basis of number of defects per million opportunities(DPMO). For the calculation of DPMO, three distinct pieces of information is needed

(1)   The No of Units produced

(2)   The No of defect opportunities per unit

(3)   The number of defects

Actual formula applied is as follows:

DPMO = (Number of defects * 1,000,000)/ (No of defect opportunities per unit)*(no of units)

Critical To Quality (CTQ):   Applying the CTQ is the key for measuring any product or process, whose performance standards must be met consistently for satisfying and exceeding the customer needs. CTQ should be actionable, and imply quantitative business specification.

Sample Size Calculator:

It is an excel spreadsheet that is applied as a tool for the Sigma Level Calculation. It is used for the determination of the number of data points or sample size. It is for the elimination of the properties of population

Three types of six sigma level calculator are as  follows:

Sigma level form DPMO

Sigma level from Quality Yield

Sigma level for DPM for Non Centered Process

Process Sigma Calculator:  This is used for defining the unit, opportunity, defect, DPU, DPMO, defects(%), and yield (%) in a Six Sigma Project.

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