Six Sigma Calculation And Calculators

Six sigma calculator:

Six Sigma CalculationSix sigma metrics are the different types of measurements used in six sigma methodology, in order to measure the success of the company’s product quality. It doesn’t means, the simple collection and calculation of the data and defects are enough for the attainment of the success. In order to get the right measurement through the use of six sigma metrics, a successful business should apply these metrics in the right context in a innovative ways so as to solve the customer’s critics to the quality of the products. Therefore there are certain steps and six sigma metrics, in six sigma methodology to be applied for the defect-free products. six sigma calculator is the tool used for the measurement of the quality of the product in six sigma metrics. some of the areas in which the calculation is done are:

Defects Per Opportunity (DPO):

This is the calculation made in six sigma metrics for finding out the total number of possible defects that can be counted in a service. The formula of the defects per opportunity, uses the number of defects and the number of units times that is the defect opportunities.

The formula for the calculation of defects per opportunity go like this:

DPO = Number of defects divided by the Number of units X Number of opportunities

number of defects

DPO = —————————————————————

number of units X number of opportunities

Critical To Quality (CTQ):

The measurable character critical to quality is the key to measure the product or process, whose performance standards must be met in order to satisfy the customer needs. This procedure is done on the basis of the customer’s requirements. CTQ gives the result of the product and the services through the customer’s definition. These definition includes the upper and lower specification limits. All the factors related to the product or service are also included to customer’s demand. The CTQ is invited from a qualitative customer. The CTQ should be actionable, and quantitative business specification. in general it is said that CTQ is something that the customer is expecting from the product that is the basic need of the customer.

There are different types of calculators used for the calculation. Capacity calculator, process sigma calculator, sample size calculator and sigma level calculator are those among them.

Sample Size Calculator:

A spreadsheet used as a tool for the calculation is the sample size calculator in six sigma calculation. It is used to determine the number of data points or sample size. This is needed to eliminate the properties of population

Six Sigma Calculation And CalculatorsSigma Level Calculator:

There are three types of six sigma level calculator. They are as follows:

Sigma level form DPMO

Sigma level from Quality Yield

Sigma level for DPM for Non Centered Process

Process Sigma Calculator:

Used for the purpose of defining the unit, opportunity, defect, DPU, DPMO, defects(%), and yield (%)

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