Six Sigma Seminars

What is a six sigma seminar? Sigma Seminar is a instructional process that trains the candidates on Six Sigma Methodologies and teaches them to apply the statistical methods of six sigma systematically for the organizational growth and customer satisfaction.  Candidates are trained on the topics related to the importance and usage of data, information, analysis, and communication for a successful problem solving.

Six sigma seminars include the agenda that covers the effective implementation of the six sigma theories and processes to ensure that the candidates would be able to assist the organizations to achieve the best in the global marketing by applying their knowledge and skills effectively. It also enables the professional s in reducing the costs, improving the time, eliminating the defects and improving the quality and the satisfaction of the customer.

Seminars are organized in such a friendly and interactive manner so that participants completely understands the methods used in six sigma.  Training certificate will be provided after the completion of seminar.

Different subjects offered for the six sigma seminars are as follows.

Measurement systems analysis: This topic covers the usage of the measurement systems analysis within an organization and to improve the quantification of measurement errors.

Process capability and performance: It focuses on building up of framework for effective process management leading to the improvement in the business and customer satisfaction.

Advanced statistical methods:  This topic covers the hypothesis testing, designing and testing the importance between the variables which are possible for the cause and effect relationship.

Design and analysis of experiments: This topic covers the analysis of the experiment s that leads to product or service with enhanced reliability, low defects, faster cycle times and low costs.

Statistical process control and management:  This topic aims at developing the skills in the participants, teaching them how to design and implement sufficient feedback methods that directs quality improvement in products or services.

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