Six Sigma Training

What is six sigma training?

Six Sigma TrainingTraining the professionals about the methodologies of six sigma, which is a flexible system, is the aim of the six sigma training. This training provides the professionals and the companies with skills of achievement, supporting, and maximizing business profits. The training is based on the understanding the needs of the customer, systematical use of the data and the facts, improving and reinventing the organizational processes using statistical analysis. The training is designed in such a way that it provides the trainees a full resources to help them to explain, simplify and set the right path in the implementation of the six sigma methodology for the better achievement of the organization to meet its better quality.

Besides the above said basic trainings, six sigma provides training under two sections to make the training more effective and clear. The two sections are as follows:

Management training with certifications

Six sigma belt training with certifications

Under each section there are several sub-divisions, according to the needs and the commitments of the company towards the customer. Each section is having its own importance for the attainment of the defect free results.

1) Management Training

Under the management training, it gives importance in training the management areas which includes:

Six Sigma Executive Overview

This type of training is mainly given to the senior management or to the decision makers of the company or the organization. They are given full awareness about the use of six sigma and when and how to use the methodology of six sigma. Through this training the professionals are made clear about how to increase revenue through improving customer satisfaction, and how to increase the profit by reducing the costs by minimizing the defects and reworks. After the training the participants are equipped to explore, discuss and implement the use of six sigma.

The participants therefore will be able to perform actively and continuously as an executive management, playing the role of a champion in aligning the works, locating the resources and the obstacles, and finally involving the role of selecting and training of the people for the positions of black belts and green belts.

Management workshop on six sigma for software, IT and ITES

Equipping the participants with the concept and importance of six sigma in the software and IT industries. Approaching the above field with, DMAIC & DMADV methods, various techniques and methodologies. The participants in this training sections often includes the top management team, executive managers and other key process owners

Six Sigma Champion Training

Six Sigma TrainingThe head of the departments and above position personalities like the senior business executives are considered as the champions of the organization. They are the person, who is responsible in the selection of the right projects, finding out the project scope, assigning the project, pointing out the right person for the position of black belt, greenbelt, and as the team members. The responsibilities includes charting the project, finding and resolving the roadblocks for the progress of the project. In wide sense it is the overall responsibility of a champion for the success of the project. The champion is link between the top management and the project teams. Often the DMAIC process is followed

Six Sigma Deployment Strategy

Senior management, head of the departments and other concerned persons comes under this training section, as it is their responsibility to formulating the deployment strategy and there by implementing it.

2) Six Sigma Belt Training

Under this section comes the training of the persons for the positions like Green Belt and Black Belt. The training provides the participants with the certifications, which shows the qualification or the ability of the person in the specified field.

Green Belt Training and Certification

Here the six sigma green belt operators are given training to operate in the support or under the supervision of a six sigma black belt. Through this certification the person is trained to analyze and solve quality problems. This results in the quality improvement projects. The person, who had undergone the six sigma green belt certification, has at least three years of work experience in demonstrating the knowledge of six sigma tools and processes.

Black Belt Training and Certification

Six Sigma TrainingThe candidate who had undergone six sigma black belt certification is a professional who is capable in the explanation of six sigma philosophies and the principles. His knowledge also includes the supporting systems and the tools. This certification also deals with the training of the candidate in developing the demonstrating of the team leadership, understanding team dynamics and assigning team member roles and responsibilities. A six sigma black belt will be well versed will all the aspects of the DMAIC model in accordance with the six sigma principles. These professionals have basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts. They are capable in identifying non-value added elements and activities. They are also capable in the use of specific tools

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