Six Sigma Generations

Six Sigma – First Generation (SSG 1)

The first generation of Six Sigma refers to the era between 1986 and 1990. It is also called as SSG 1 for short.  This was a concept which was devised and pioneered at Motorola. Motorola focused on the Statistical approach for improvement in business processes and practiced the Six Sigma Metrics as in Measured Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO)

During this generation the organizations focused on various strategies to achieve the quality improvement initiative by elimination of defects in the system, improving the product and service quality, reducing the cost associated with the products and processes and ensuring the continuous process improvement.

Six Sigma – Second Generation (SSG 2)

In the 1990s, there was a shift in the focus of Six Sigma Methodologies from the manufacturing sectors to service sectors. It was a phenomenal phase where professionals aimed to achieve improvement by directing their efforts from product quality to business quality.

General Electric Corp.  marked the beginning of second generation of Six Sigma. It is also known as SSG 2.  In second generation, Six Sigma became a business centric system leading to improvement in management.  Six Sigma principles were applied across the organization in various related processes. Emphasis was given on bringing dollars to the bottom-line by using the strong measurement techniques and candidates having high potential were selected as Black Belts.

Six Sigma – Third Generation (Gen III)

Third Generation of the Six Sigma was developed after the year 2000  and it is also known as Gen III. This generation focuses on the principles and methods of delivering the products and services which have real value in the eyes of the customers .

This generation opines the combination of Lean Manufacturing Techniques and Six Sigma which is termed as Lean Six Sigma. Integrating Six Sigma with other quality improvement programs resulted in path breaking improvement across various sectors. Gen III program was started by Korean steel maker Posco and electronics maker Samsung.

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