Why Six Sigma

One of the main goals of various Corporations around the world is to improve the customer satisfaction  retaining them and keeping the customers delighted all the time. After all it is the customer who is driving the market scenario. In the quest of achieving the high quality performance of products and services, Six Sigma got evolved which basically focuses on reducing the variation thereby achieving the stability in the process results.

It is a well known fact that organizations depends a lot on the leaders to drive their growth.  In the scheme of Six Sigma, effective leadership is at the core of the infrastructure wherein it is imperative that leaders should take Six Sigma Training . Effective Leaders should be able to inspired and energise others. In companies where the Six Sigma is being implemented the leaders have the responsibility of setting a vision for  the future wherein the company goals are clearly defined along with various measures which define success.

Six Sigma approach requires the commitment and dedication at all levels in the organizations. It stressed on the continuous  effort  from  everyone to achieve the long term success.  After a thorough analysis of the process using the statistical methodology the defects and their root causes are identified. It is followed by experiments and redefining of process and its goals.

Six Sigma encourages a rational thinking for devising the solutions of the problems. It helps in removing the defects in a system in a proper way leading to progress and growth of the process. Apart from that philosophy of six sigma leads to change in the attitude of the people involved towards acheivng the quality in the process and in other  areas of their life. Thus it contributes towards bringing positive change in the life of people and enabling them in making the meaningful contributions towards society.

Six Sigma has been implemented by various organizations across the globe and success stories have been evident in various sectors of the business.  Many organizations have achieved the phenomenal growth by implementing path breaking process strategies. There is a cost involved in providing the employees with the Six sigma training however benefits obtained truly outweighs the cost incurred.

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