Six Sigma Softwares

Basically there are three classes of software used for the implementation of Six Sigma methodology.

(1)    Analysis tools: They are used to perform statistical or process analysis.  Six Sigma methodology applies the advanced statistical solutions to the complex problems for process improvement and these tools make life easier for the professionals.

Some of the widely used tools are as follows

(a)   Microsoft Visio: It is a Microsoft Windows program that is diagramming in nature and uses vector graphics for the creation of diagrams. It comes in two editions: Standard and Professional.  They have templates for advanced diagrams and layouts and possess unique functionality which helps users to connect their diagrams to a number of data sources in addition to displaying the information graphically.

(b)   Minitab is basically a statistics package used as an analysis tool distributed by Minitab Inc. It is often used in along with Six Sigma implementation, CMMI and other statistics-based process improvement methods.  Minitab 15 is the latest version which is available in 6 different languages (English, French, German, Korean, Simplified Chinese, & Spanish).

(c)     STATISTICA : It is is a statistics and analytics software package which provides a selection of data analysis, data visualization, data management, and data mining procedures. It is developed by StatSoft.

Other famous analysis tools which are commonly used are iGrafx process, IBM websphere Buiness Modeler, JMP, SigmaXL,  Statgraphics,Telelogic System Architect, etc.

(2)    Program management tools : They are the set of tool which are used to manage and track a the entire Six Sigma program of a corporation.

(3)   DMAIC and Lean online project collaboration tools: These are the softwares which assist in implementation of Six Sigma across  local and global teams. They help in effective management of the projects.  One very famous Example is Grouputer Sigmasense.

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