Six Sigma Process Maps and Flowcharts mapping is a renowned  technique for the creation of  a common vision and shared language which leads to the improvements in business results.  It is usually the first step in the implementation of Six Sigma project.  Process Maps and Flow Charts displays the activities in a process in a sequential manner.

Process Maps are more detailed than flowcharts and includes a timeline.  Process Map is basically a  graphical representation of a procedure that  displays  a flow of a process and is  used for detection of shortcomings in a process.  Process Map includes the usage of  Flowcharts and Block Diagrams.

The graph in a Process Map  includes the  starting points and ending points of various processes and sub processes, inputs,  outputs  and potential direction.  Mapping of an entire process in detail needs  several sub-process maps in addition to overview process map or a Complex Block Diagram.


A flowchart is a representation of a process graphically where it displays the entire process from beginning to finish, showing various inputs, pathways with directions, action or decision points and completion of the process. It basically serve as an instruction manual for facilitating detailed analysis and optimizing the workflow and service delivery.

Block Diagram- flowchart

Block Diagram is basically a graphical tool which make use of the picture of any given process. It depicts the design of the networking of its various components as well as the logical flow of the process or the procedure. Each item is represented by a different shape.

Process is indicated by the “rectangle shape.

Connector is indiacted by “circle shape.

Extract is indicated by  “triangle shape.

Decision is indicated by diamond shape.

Using flowcharts assist in successful implementing of  Six Sigma project.

Complex Block Diagram

It includes the assorted block diagrams which are tied at various points in order to follow the complete procedure. It contains  an analogy process and various sequenced processes.

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