International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP)

ISSSP is the international society of Six Sigma Professionals that empowers oneself to become a achiever so that professionals can drive their company’s success in a competitive global environment. This community is global in nature and includes corporate and affiliate participants, and individual members representing large and small businesses across a wide variety of organizations.

ISSSP acts as a resource for the tools that develop practitioners into leaders and create more opportunities across the entire organization. ISSSP helps enhance each project success and create a new corps of leaders by honing the skills of individuals.

ISSSP was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in the year 1997 and today it is boasting of more than 12000 Six Sigma professionals as its members. It conducts its regular symposiums all over the world and provides the annual leadership conference. It has developed various innovative programs to assist the Six Sigma professionals and trainees to resolve their issues.

ISSSP is guided by six principles such as Community (network and forum for free exchange of ideas and creation of valuable relationships, Cultivation (growth and development of professionals in Six Sigma community), Credibility (reliable source of information related to Six Sigma and its integration towards other management programs), Contribution , Clarity ( simplify the complex issues related to Six Sigma), Commitment (to realize that far reaching goals are made possible ).

ISSSP organizes the following two events for its professionals :

ISSSP Annual Six Sigma Leadership Conference : It is designed for both the Six Sigma professional and business leader where the participants get a chance to network learn the latest developments in Six Sigma from skilled and experienced Six Sigma leaders.

ISSSP Six Sigma Symposiums : The Symposium is basically a  two-day program which includes methods such as project storyboard presentations, roundtable discussions, presentations from experienced speakers from within the community, member challenge competitions, educational opportunities and motivational workshops.

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