How to Implement Lean Six Sigma

Integrated Approach for business improvement

Lean Six Sigma combines both Lean and Six Sigma methodologies into an integrated system for business improvement. Effective utilization of the features of both the practices needs to be done while applying integrated approach Lean Six Sigma.

(1)   In  the initial phase of the project  where momentum should be increased , Lean projects  are deployed as they are tangible and can be completed within few weeks . Later on Six Sigma projects are applied to take care of advanced problems.

(2)   Lean based on broad principles is used when one does not require detailed analysis and tools while Six Sigma is applied to solve the complicated problems which require advanced analysis and statistical tools.

(3)   Value Stream Mapping is utilized for the development of the pipeline of projects which can be tackled by the Lean or Six Sigma methodology.

(4)   As per the requirements of the industry the content of the training needs to be adjusted. Lean tools are basically specific so they require adjustment however Six Sigma tools are applicable for almost every process. Therefore some areas will use Lean tools while others will utilized Six Sigma tools.

(5)   Lean principles are taught in a different way from that of Six Sigma. Training for Lean tools requires workshops which includes training session followed by direct application. In case of Six Sigma the training comprises of various phases as in DMAIC or DMADV sub methodologies. Here each phase is practiced in sequential manner in training sessions and with practical applications after each phase is taught.

Interaction between the two methodologies will helps to achieve the desired results where effect of one is reinforced by the presence of other. In fact implementation of Lean and Six Sigma together has resulted in impressive results as being observed by various companies across the globe. This integrated approach is able to address varying kinds of process problems in the most effective and efficient manner.

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